Trust me, I'm trying to keep this list short. I owe these lamers nothing & since they want to mess around with me, I have no choice but to fight back.

F1Gh73R1C // PoorThing // bUGAbOO // J|aNyU^_^ // [ODIN]

-----// F1Gh73R1C //----- "Insane Lamer"
This moron came into the channel on 16th Oct 2001. The nick was registered.

He failed to beg for the script but was treated politely. He used vuglarity & screwed off immediately. Then he spilled nonsense in another channel. Imagine someone suddenly accuses you of killing his dad, you will be stunned.

This lamer owns a channel & script himself. However, his script is ripped off from other scripts. He has been repeatly spamming for "his" script in #teens after changing nicks. He's a very classic highlighted lamer in GalaxyNet.

-----// PoorThing //----- "Masked Evil"
[22:10] [PoorThing] !Script 15/m/chi/ctss/boy@hotmail.com/123443255
PoorThing is ~Suntec_Ci@ * See can liao. Don't message me.
PoorThing on #lovesick +#chatworld #teamsound @#happie @#irc @#hi @#Suntec_City @#jyss
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PoorThing End of /WHOIS list.
On 21th Jan, 2002, he private messaged BuAyAB0t using false information to try to obtain the BuayaScript. His plot failed.

He's just another script "writer", I mean ripper. He has been seen spamming for "his" script in #teens after changing nicks too. A hypocrite.

-----// bUGAbOO //-----
[21:00:26] [bUGAbOO] can send buayascript ?
[21:00:26] bUGAbOO is bItCH@cm41.omega41.scvmaxonline.com.sg * - h A i k A L . i S . s O . S e X Y -
[21:00:26] bUGAbOO on #lovesick #teens +#Submissive #shss @#tEcHnO^s|aO @#|||SadistiC||| @#-spectre- @#-/RaG[3]/- @#-=]R.3[M]=- @#ParA^WoRld @#v3nge4nce #[b]Oy_[g]Er
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[21:01:10] [DuMb`Web] who are you?
[21:01:31] [bUGAbOO] 16/m/shss lor
[21:01:35] [bUGAbOO] me name haikal
[21:01:41] [bUGAbOO] i veh long try to get this script liao
[21:01:50] [DuMb`Web] i don't know you.
[21:02:04] [bUGAbOO] err then cannot send ?
[21:02:13] [DuMb`Web] no
[21:02:19] [bUGAbOO] kk nvm
On Sat, 17th Aug, 2002, he messaged me to get my script but I rejected him. Somehow he managed to beg/con for an old version of the script from other people.

In fact, he's a script "writer" himself, oh, I mean ripper again.

-----// J|aNyU^_^ //-----
|_23:47:23_: * [BS]user (koei@nas1-34-71.mystarhub.com.sg) has joined #lovesick
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|_00:12:59_: -Q- AsaKuRa^ (Avril@nas1-34-71.mystarhub.com.sg) is registered as J|aNyU^_^. (authenticated)
On Sun, 4th May, 2003, the nick [BS]user joined the channel. I discovered his clone by the nick of AsaKuRa^ & his registered nick J|aNyU^_^. After some investigation, I realised he owned a channel & script too. I decided just to remove him.
However, the next afternoon, he was back after reinstalling the script & trying to rip it. I'm left with no choice but to add this big lamer here.

-----// [ODIN] //----- "Crybaby"
[ODIN] is Christian@bb220-255-116-27.singnet.com.sg * Christian
[ODIN] on #script #Scripting #RiP #mp3central @#dcnt@sp @#1314*
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[18:57] -Q- [ODIN] (Christian@bb220-255-114-125.singnet.com.sg) is registered as [ODIN]. (authenticated)
The source where this loser got the old version of the script was unknown. He sent other people the script, thus violated the rules.

I removed him on 5th May, 2003. He was back very soon after reinstalling the script. He joined some script channels to get help to rip my script, crying like a baby loser. After a week he was still finding people to help him rip the script. I'm forced again to add his nick here.

Notice that he put "Christian" as his userid & name? Christian? *shakes head*

As a warning, please keep underwears from his sight.